Hand Blown Chinese Glass Pickle Jar
Hand Blown Chinese Glass Pickle Jar
Hand Blown Chinese Glass Pickle Jar
Hand Blown Chinese Glass Pickle Jar

Hand Blown Chinese Glass Pickle Jar

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Small 2.5 litres - Height 23 cm  - Diameter at widest point 16 cm

Large 4 litres  - Height 28 cm - Diameter at widest point 20 cm
The original hand blown glass Chinese Pickle Jar from Sichuan, from a small factory specialising in this artisan item, essential for the Chinese kitchen.
They are hand blown, of exceptional quality and have a solid lid that can double up as a pickle bowl to serve at the table. Finding ones that are not simply machine made with rough edges and gaudy patterns has been a long journey. The glass maker will blow small puffs of air into a molten blob of glass, known as a ‘gather’, located at the end of the blowpipe. This blowing cools the interior of the glass and creates an elastic skin on it, while cooling also happens to the outside of the glass blob from exposure to the air. The glass blower can quickly inflate the glass using this method and form it into the shape of the pickle jar complete with the 'brim' or moat. This technique results in a pleasing shape, and look beautiful when filled with colourful vegetables and scarlet chillies.
  • Hand blown glass body, with a molded heavy glass lid/bowl.
  • They have a moat around the neck to be filled with water which acts as an airlock, 1000 year old Chinese technology to stop pickles spoiling.
  • Suitable for classic Chinese pao cai pickles with a heady mix of spices including cao guo, nutmeg, dried chilli, Sichuan pepper.
  • Chinese pickled eggs - star anise and smoked salt.
  • Suitable for all manner of ferments, garums, salted chillies, kimchi, cabbage, peppers, onions, ginger and kombucha and kefir
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • UK stock, shipped with a fragile goods carrier
  • Comes with it's own secure box for safe storage