Genuine 100% Hand Hammered Wok. Small 30 cm

The only truly hand hammered woks available in the world with a design unchanged in a thousand years.
Cheap stamped versions have made the skills of traditional wok makers all but obsolete. These woks are the last of their kind. 
Each wok, including the handle is formed from a single piece of heavy gauge steel. Heated in a furnace, it is repeatedly tempered and beaten with giant hammers to form the bowl, a back-breaking process. The final stage of cold hammering on an anvil perfects the shape and demands meticulous precision. The gently dimpled surface takes days to complete as the process is repeated four times. This makes the metal incredibly hard and durable. They resonate like a gong when struck, the authentic sound of the hand hammered wok. The hundreds of strikes shimmering from centre to rim ensure even heat distribution when cooking, generating an orb of heat which instantly seals in the flavour of ingredients.
The woks are made in Southern China in a village with a history of ironmongery since the Qing Dynasty. It is an honour to have forged a relationship with these artisans, so that their hard work can be appreciated outside China. With this renewed interest the skill can be passed down to future generations. 'Wok hei’ or the 'breath of the wok' is the desirable fleeting smoky taste, but also an indefinable quality whispering of history, tradition and craftsmanship. You can now harness that spirit in your wok cookery with this ancient cooking vessel.
30 cm diameter 10 cm deep. Suitable for a home gas burner, for one or two people
  • No hot spots like a commercially stamped flimsy woks
  • Deep rounded sides ensure food stays directly over heat source for perfect wok tossing.
  • Completely non-stick without harmful chemical coatings.
  • Suitable for stir frying, boiling, steaming, roasting, stews and even smoking.
  • Removable heat-proof silicone hand grip
Includes seasoning and care instructions for a lifetime of use of your wok.