Large 42cm Hand Hammered Wok
Large 42cm Hand Hammered Wok

Large 42cm Hand Hammered Wok


    Suitable size for a dedicated commercial water cooled wok range. Double riveted handles. 43 dia. 13cm deep.

    • A wok maker makes one per day, completely by hand. Hammering the metal on a series of metal anvils, wood blocks and finally leather cushions.
    • Heats rapidly and imparts the distinctive 'wok hei' or breath of the wok into your cooking, no hot spots like a commercially stamped flimsy wok.
    • Rounded sides ensure food stays directly over heat source and facilitates stirring and tossing.
    • Suitable for stir frying, boiling, steaming, roasting, stews and even smoking. The original multi-purpose cooking vessel.
    • These woks love a lot of heat, the extra size makes them perfect for wok tossed crab dishes, or fried rice where the surface area gives a beautiful crispness.
    • Includes seasoning and care instructions for a lifetime of use for your wok.